About Roda Of Capoeira

Roda must start with good music. Berimbau plays first and then the Mestre will decide whatether to follow with other instruments, to play song or just to sing an introduction alone, the ladainha. You will sense the moment the action is about to start a feeling shared by all the capoeiristas present.

One couple jumps in, then another and soon the roda reaches it’s right level of energy. You can swing while crounching beneath the berimbau, waiting your turn to jump in. If you are in class, this moment can be for fun or can act as a little stretch. If you are in a demonstration, it can be for the beauty of the game and enjoyment of the audience. If you are in strange roda, be careful.

Don’t let your opponent know how stupid you are, naively showing strength and weakness before the game begins. According to the type of game, whether friendly, in competition or in a malicious situation, you must begin it differently.

Friendly : a beautiful carthwheel (aú) will enrich the choreography.

Competition : a shrunken aú is desirable in order to get control of the middle of the roda.
In this situation it is good strategy to keep the opponent close to the edge, making it easier to put him out and thus gain points.

Malicious : move slowly, with the legs bent in a sapinho de costas position, protecting your body against an unexpected attack before reaching a good position. If possible, touch the floor and around as in the normal procedure of buying a game. Pay attention to the actions of the most experiences capoeiristas and study csrefully the beginning of their jogos.
It is always beneficial tobbegin slowly, moving in such a way that this introduction wakes up your muscle and alertness for faster and more energetic action later.

It has become usual for this reason to begin the rodas slowly, generally under rhythms that calls for the angola style. Capoeiristas should move with the agility alertness and stealth of a cat. While defending, they use jumps and shrinking-scooting movements as a monkey. Vital areas of the body must be protected with elboea, knees feet and head, making one full of adges, cheio de pontas, as we say.

Good capoeiras attack like a snake with a quick draw, sharp bite, and an even faster with draw. We can play ” together ” or ” against “, considering the other capoeira is a partner or opponent. The goal of playing together is to train coordination of attacks and defenses as well as new techniques without the pressures of a more threatening situation.

One will get the most out of capoeira by having an attitude of playing ” against ” in a game of skill technique and intelegences but without necessarily attampting to hit the opponent viciously.

capoeira was not about beating people, but about interacting with our main opponent, can be like a regular dialogue or more in the fight, beat him/her easily but dialogue with both is hard, need a lot of understanding about playing capoeira, at the roda, everybody be him/her self, “the true nature of man is when he does something that other people do not know”, at the roda of this good man consciously or not, he becomes him/her self, whether he is brave, timid, shy, aggressive, or patient, so, ,, be your self and always try to be better.

Juntos somos fortes.. pelo amor do jogo.. capoeira para todos

Intinya roda dalam capoeira itu replika dari kehidupan kita, yang didalamnya ada banyak aspek seperti hidup itu sendiri, ada konflik, ada masalah dan ada peran yang kita mainkan yang selalu berbeda contohnya kita di keluarga harus bisa meranin peran sebagai anak, kakak, adik dll, begitu juga di roda, kita meranin peran yang beda seperti kita pada saat main dengan capoeirista yang baru, kita jadi kakak, dan ketika melihat maen dengan yang lebih senior, kita jadi adik, roda itu tidak bisa menyembunyikan karakter kita, karena tidak ada yang terkonsep baku, roda itu ya mengalir layaknya air, sekecil apapun lubang, air pun akan tetap bisa masuk. That a Roda Of Capoeira.

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