A game, a fight or a dance

The question we asked ourself when we first glanced through the crowd comes back to us, is this a fight or a dance? Or perhaps it was just a jogo, a game?
The answer, of course is that it is all three and much more.
Capoeira is difficult to define. Somehow the examples just don’t fit properly. And it is impossible to classify it in known and established categories, dance, fight, martial art, etc.
To our minds, accustomed to disseting and classifying objects, people and events into specific and standard categories, it can be difficult to grasp and understanding what this thing called “capoeira” really is. But if we cut ourselves loose from the demands of our intelectual minds and just watch the game in the center of the roda, we will probably be able to intuitively grasp what is going on here. It is something that we have experienced before, as a children, when we played and were completely absorbed by the games that we created with our friends. The key words here are creativity, improvisation, fantasy, beauty and imagination.

Together we are strong
Capoeira for everyone
Keep up the axé
Fight Like a dance, dance Like a fight
Forever axé



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